php|tek 是由《php|architect》杂志主办的重量级 PHP 专业盛会。虽然不能到场亲自聆听大牛们的演讲(事实上像我这种鸟语菜菜到了也不一定能听得懂。:(),但看看他们演讲时提纲挈领的幻灯片也是可以管窥到很多有价值的信息的。下面是我收集到的大会上这些大牛们的幻灯片,供感兴趣的朋友参考:

演讲人 演讲主题
Aaron Wormus Moving to PHP5 with Style
Brian Shire APC @ Facebook
Caroline Maynard Services made simple with PHP
Chris Hartjes What Can PHP Learn From Ruby on Rails?
Derick Rethans Help, I Found a Bug in my Code!
Derick Rethans Exposing Hidden PHP Secrets
Ilia Alshanetsky High Performance PHP
Ilia Alshanetsky Securing PHP Applications
Ilia Alshanetsky PHP Security Pitfalls
Jason Sweat Test Driven Development
Jason Sweat Design Patterns
Jay Pipes Top 15 Ways to Kill MySQL Performance
Jeff Griffiths PHP, Remote XUL and jQuery
Jeff Moore Writing Maintainable PHP Code
Jeff Moore Dependency Injection in PHP
Jeff Moore Exceptional PHP
Marcus Boerger Introducing Phar
Marcus Boerger The Standard PHP Library
Paul Reinheimer Zend PHP 5 Certification Crash Course
Rasmus Lerdorf PHP on Hormones
Sara Golemon PHP Extension Writing
Sebastian Bergmann Testing PHP/Web Applications with PHPUnit 3 and Selenium